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Dragon Magazine

⚬ "First Watch" columnist, Issues 330 (Apr 2005)–359 (Sep 2007)


Co-Editor, 2000–2010
Author of multiple columns, 2000–2010

R. Talsorian Games

C4 (Condensed Cyberpunk Cinema Classics: 1981–2001), 2000–2001

Lead Columns Editor, 2002-2005
Archetypology, 12-part column
Crunch, 22-part column
HELLAS: From Alpha to Omega, 4-part column

gaming articles

Dragon Magazine

⚬ "Dragonlance The Movie: Dragons of the Silver Screen", in Issue 358, 2007

The Escapist

Fifteen Minutes of Minecraft, 2011
Junktown Dog, 2009
Lazer Swords and Thundersabers, 2008
Rhapsody, 2008

First Person Observer

Lord Diablo Stalks Earth, Kills Thousands, Improves Economy, 2010
Starfleet Captain Boldly Goes Where He Has Repeatedly Gone Before, 2010

A Writer's Lament: Requiem for a Game, 2007

Minion Games/RPGNow

⚬ "Mall of the Titans", originally in d20 Weekly and later in Minion Games' ePublisher Guide, 2003
⚬ "Introduction" and "Layout: Step by Step", Minion Games' ePublisher PDF Creator, 2004

Silven Publishing

⚬ "Light on Rules, Big on Flavor", in The Silven Trumpeter, 2006

gaming reviews


Life With the Dice Bag DVD. (Style: 3 / Substance: 4)
Ninja Burger: The Role-Playing Game. (Style: 4 / Substance: 5)
The Dungeons & Dragons Experience DVD. (Style: 5 / Substance: 4)
The Gamers DVD. (Style: 5 / Substance: 5)
The Gamers: Dorkness Rising DVD. (Style: 5 / Substance: 5)
Uber Goober DVD. (Style: 4 / Substance: 4)


30 Years of Adventure: A "Celebration" of Dungeons & Dragons
The Gamers DVD
The Dungeons & Dragons Experience DVD
Life With the Dice Bag DVD
Uber Goober DVD
It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's... You!
Brotherhood of the Wolf Shows Its Fangs
One Film to Rule Them All - Lord of the Rings
The Onkyo GXW-5.1 Digital Theater Station
Harry Potter Casts a Magic Miss-le
Lions & Tigers & Rabbits, Oh My -The Forgotten Gamma World
Ride, Cowboy, Ride - The Forgotten Boot Hill
Dungeons and Dragons Movie Trailer Review
First Impressions, Third Edition

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Online Rock CD Reviews

Asobi Seksu
Behold | The Blakes | Blue Rabbit | Breech | Brightblack Morning Light | Butterfly Explosion
Chris Bruni | Cracker
Dandy Warhols | DiGiacomo
El Perro del Mar | Elder Statesmen
Fluttr Effect
Gifted Children | Goblin Cock | Greg Roth
Halie Loren | Heaven Shall Burn | honeyhoney | Howlin Rain
Ida | Inner Surge
Kid Mud | Kyle Tucker Band
Langhorne Slim | LEK | Liars | Loney, Dear | Love & Rockets tribute album
M83 | Mercury Rev | Michael Kelsey | Mike Vasas and the Beasts of Burden | Moby
Nyles Lannon
Paul Epic | Paula Maya | A Place to Bury Strangers
Raveonettes | Repo: The Genetic Opera Soundtrack
Silver Jews | Silvermen | Sixx: A.M. | Skold Vs. KMFDM | SSLYBY | Stephen Malkmus | Swampdawamp
Winterpills | Wye Oak

Slashdot Book Reviews

30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of D&D. 2/10
Character Design for Mobile Devices. 6/10
Digital People: From Bionic Humans to Androids. 7/10
Dungeons & Desktops. 7/10
Game Creation and Careers. 4/10
Game Design: A Practical Approach 6/10
Game Writing. 9/10
The Indie Developer's Guide to Selling Games. 7/10
The Information Revolution. 5/10
Level Design For Games. 10/10
The Ninja Handbook. 9/10
Patterns in Game Design. 4/10
Planet Simpson. 7/10
The Pocket and the Pendant. 5/10
Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing. 10/10
Quests: Design, Theory, and History in Games and Narratives 8/10
Reading Comics. 7/10
Second Person 9/10
Vintage Games 8/10
Writing for Video Game Genres 10/10


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