condensed cyberpunk cinema classics, 1981-2001

Way back in olden times (2000/2001), I wrote a series of articles for the R. Talsorian website on the topic of cyberpunk films (and related films which, while not "cyberpunk", had relevant themes). This was prior to the release of Cyberpunk V3.0 / 203X, which was published in 2005 and set in the 2030s, but after the release of Cyberpunk 2020, which was released in 1990 and set in 2020, and well after the release of Cyberpunk, also known as Cyberpunk 2013, which was released in 1988 and set in 2013. The little image to the left here is what it looked like back then.

The articles are listed in the sidebar in reverse order (which is to say, the first one written is the last one listed, and so on). The earlier articles focused more on game mechanics (for the then-current Cyberpunk 2020) but readers preferred more of a focus on cyberpunk theory and so on, so I catered to their whims and adjusted focus.

The final film covered was The One, which came out in 2001. I am sure there are plenty of cyberpunk-themed movies released since then which ought to be covered in like fashion but at the present time I do not intend to expand this series of articles. There may also be formatting issues which I may or may not repair with any degree of promptness. HTML encoding was much more primitive in 2000/2001 and we had to carve out each HTML tag using rudimentary stone tools, many of which have been lost to the ages and are no longer available for purchase.

The Condensed Cyberpunk Cinema Classics articles are reposted with the express permission of R. Talsorian Games, Inc. Please feel free to link to them but do not repost elsewhere.